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NUMBERS grade 3 - workbooks 3 (A & B) + Digital Components - ISBN 9782761358651

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mathématiques (en anglais)
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All the grade 3 math concepts, with scores of exercises

Ensure your students learn all the required math concepts  for Grade 3 and the knowledge prescribed by the Progression of Learning (2009) with the help of the comprehensive content of Workbooks A and B, organized into four appealing themes:

  • Monsters and Food
  • Pirates and Privateers
  • Animals and Company
  • Adventures in the Forest

Each theme is divided into sections on different concepts from the program. The presentation of a concept is followed by a series of exercises and simple problems (Competency 2). 

  • To reinforce student learning, a review of the theme concepts and a complex problem (Competency 1) are included at the end of the theme. 
  • The theme also concludes with some math fun: a game and a puzzle related to the topic. 

I Learn, I Practise, I Use Reasoning Each section of Workbooks A and B contains the following features:

  • I Learn: an easy-to-understand presentation of the concepts
  • I Practise: lots of exercises!
  • I Use Reasoning: simple problems to solve (Competency 2)
  • Digital Components (student, 12-month)


The workbooks come with the NUMBERS Reference Book, a recap of all the essential math concepts covered over the year. 

Count on NUMBERS for your Grade 3 math class!

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