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Zipline - Cycle one (Year two) Print student workbook + interactives workshops (couverture mauve) - ISBN 9782765046684

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Présentation Zipline – Everything you need for enriched ESL! Workbooks that offer original takes on innovative themes! • A review unit to start the year on the right foot • Dynamic and appealing visuals for students • A wide variety of authentic texts of varied and appropriate lengths • Contextualized and decontextualized grammar exercises • A grammar section presenting grammar notions and numerous exercises to help students practise and reinforce their grammar skills • A useful reference section that offers functional language, strategies, tips for writing and production processes and other grammar references In every unit, you will find tasks focused on viewing, speaking, writing and reading : o A viewing activity with video on DVD (before, while and after viewing questions) o A speaking task with many additional opportunities for discussion o Two grammar points plus contextualized practice o A final writing project that gathers information learned in the unit in a final written production o An extra reading text and activity to further explore the unit’s theme

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